Early Christian Literature and Jewish Studies
Prof. Dr. Reinhard von Bendemann
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Annual meeting of NTR
The current annual meeting "Schöpfung: Natur und Kultur. Ökologische Theologie im Neuen Testament" will take place in Bonn on July 1st 2023.

New Testament colloquium in summerterm 2022: 23rd-24th June 2022. You are welcome if you are interested.


Publication of the book "Christus der Arzt"

In spring 2022 the new book "Christus der Arzt. Frühchristliche Soteriologie und Anthropologie im Licht antik-medizinischer Konzepte" has been published in Kohlhammer´s publisher house.
Flyer Christus der Arzt

Sanctuary of Asklepios

Welcome to the chair of Early Christian Literature and Jewish Studies!

In this department, the New Testament is explored as a book belonging to the Hellenistic-Roman period, particularly in its relations with the ancient Jewish and Hellenistic-Roman literature.

From the perspectives of the history of literature and theology (Literatur- und Theologiegeschichte), the testimonies of different Christian and Jewish groups are analyzed. Historically, the basic data and general conditions for the emergence of early Christianity as a movement deviating from early Judaism are investigated. Form the perspective of the history of religions and societies (Religions- und Sozialgeschichte), comparative investigation is undertaken with the aim of locating the early Christian testimony in the non-Christian and non-Jewish world.

Hermeneutically, early Christian texts are examined concerning their relevance to present doctrine and life, and criteria for the legitimacy and contemporary relevance of these texts are developed and reflected upon. And from the perspectives of the history of reception and interpretation (Wirkungs- und Auslegungsgeschichte), New Testament scholarship explores the potential for meaning and innovation in the ancient sources which have developed in the course of history.

Several major commentary projects on individual early Christian writings have been undertaken in this department. One of the main focal points of research is the oldest Gospel (The Gospel of Mark). In addition, there are research projects on the interrelationship between ancient medicine and early Christian literature, biblical anthropology and deutero-Pauline literature. Our department cooperates closely with the Bochum Conter for Religious Studies (CERES) in various projects.

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