• Ute Gause, Foto: Paul Schulz, Pressestelle Bethel, 2019

Prof. Dr. Ute Gause

Chair for Reformation and Modern Church History
Faculty of Protestant Theology
Ruhr-Universität Bochum
Universitätsstr. 150, GA 8/150
44801 Bochum
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About Prof. Dr. Ute Gause

Prof. Dr. theol. Ute Gause has been Professor for Reformation and Modern
Church History at the Faculty of Protestant Theology at Ruhr-Universität
Bochum (RUB) since 2007 and held previously the position of Dean at the
Faculty of Protestant Theology, 2015 – 2017.

Her main research areas include historical and theological women’s and
gender studies since the Reformation Era, focusing primarily on social
welfare in the 20th century (cf. Ute Gause, Kirchengeschichte und
Genderforschung. Eine Einführung in protestantischer Perspektive, Tübingen 2006).

Ute Gause is editor-in-chief of the academic book series Historisch-
theologische Genderforschung” (“historical and theological gender
studies”, eight volumes published to date) and co-editor of the academic
journal “Evangelische Theologie”. She is chairwoman of the Academic
Advisory Council at the foundation Fliedner Kulturstiftung Kaiserswerth.

Curriculum vitae

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Research Focus

Gender Studies:

Scholars in the field of Historical Theology/Church History pursue a
complementary approach, in order to render the work of women in
churches, parishes, and congregations visible for the purpose of an
integrative research into women’s history, as women’s work has hardly
ever been incorporated into general overviews despite being the subject of
studies. The key aspect is the perspective of church historiography based
on gender and diversity research.

To this end, methods and perspectives of recent cultural history, combined
with the gender-studies concept of doing/undoing gender, of hegemonic
masculinity, queer studies, and intersectionality are reflected and
integrated. Religious construction processes of gender roles, of
socialisation and education processes, and of hierarchisations associated
with religion, as well as specifically gendered devotional practices and
religious lifewords are investigated and analysed.

Research assistant Benedikt Bauer focusses on the research field of men’s
studies and history of the body. After completing his dissertation project
that is expected to spin off a larger research project, Benedikt Bauer will
turn to the passion mysticism and bridal mysticism in the 17th century,
studying them from a gendered perspective and analysing the somatic
concepts upon which mystical notions are based.

The Chair, moreover, focuses on contemporary methodological
approaches to church history. In addition to oral history, “sound history” is
currently emerging. A research project on the recorded lectures held at
Evangelische Stadtakademie Bochum in the 1950s and 1960s is in


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Consultation hours

In WS 22/23 Prof. Gause is in a research semester. Consultation appointments with Prof. Gause are only possible in urgent cases by personal arrangement.

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