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Chair of Systematic Theology
Ethics and Fundamental Theology

Systematic Theology is one of the central disciplines of academic theology. In Bochum, it is divided into Dogmatics, Fundamental Theology, Ethics, Social Ethics and Ecumenics.

In all of these areas, systematic theology is understood as an open and constructive discussion within the academic sphere, one which undertakes prudent efforts at interpretation and which aims at a detailed and considered understanding of God and the world. Systematic theology represents a search for knowledge within that area of fertile tension between historical reconstruction and contemporary construction, between intensive orientation upon the facts of theology and a preparedness for interdisciplinary dialogue, between the comforting certainty of one's own origins and ecumenical openness, and between a clear understanding of tradition and a dedicated internationalisation of the theological discussion.

In each of its disciplines, systematic theology aims at unpacking -- in a public and self-critical way -- a system of orienting knowledge which is relevant to current thought and action, to today's faith and to the church of the 21st century.

Current Issues

Theology in the Shadow of the Corona Crisis