Exegesis and Theology of the Old Testament
Prof Dr Beate Ego
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Exegesis and Theology of the Old Testament

Prof Dr Beate Ego

"Triumph of Mordecai" (Est. 6) as depicted in Dura Europos

The Hebrew Bible

Is a collection of scriptures that have been compiled in a long and complex process over the course of many centuries. It is – as the Old Testament – part of the Christian Bible and – under the name of “Tanakh” – the Holy Scripture of Judaism. Accordingly, the way the scientific discipline “Old Testament” approaches this document is just as diverse: in addition to the development processes of the texts and their original contextualitation (so-called “primary methods of interpretation”), this theological discipline examines the history of Israel as well as the theology and history of religion of the Hebrew Bible / Old Testament. In this context, archaeological evidence and documents of other Middle-Eastern religions play a crucial role. Another aspect of Hebrew Bible / Old Testament research is to compile the exegetical history of the texts in the Jewish and Christian tradition and to extrapolate the meaning of the Old Testament tradition as a Christian document of faith (“biblical theology”).

The Chair of Exegesis and Theology of the Old Testament

Offers seminars and lectures in all areas of Old Testament research. The discipline primarily focuses on Old Testament traditions that originated in the late Persian and in the Hellenistic era, as well as on studies of interpretations of the Hebrew Bible in ancient Judaism.