Research projects

Current research projects 

conference and publication project with Prof. Dr. Finkelde

In Need of a Master. Political Theologies in the Era of Immanence

workshop with mit Prof. Ludger Jansen (Kathol. Theologie)

Geist -  Körper -  Digitalität 

conference and publication project

Potentials and ressources of Ecumenism for the 21st century

research program oft he Ecumenical Institute Bochum

Cultures of Difference. A Critical Theory of Ecumenism

conference and publication project of publication in cooperation with Calvin Ullrich, Stellenbosch University

Deconstructing Public Theology

publication project

God without Sovereignty? A Critique of the Paradigm of Religion in Secular Modernity


Terminated Past Research Projects


Participation in a Working Group of the Theological Faculty, University of Heidelberg, Main investigators: Prof. K. Tanner, Prof. M. Welker, 2008-2011



Theology and Civil Society

Working group at the Collegium Helveticum, ETH and University of Zürich, Main investigator: Prof. I.U. Dalferth, 2005-2007) 

Religion und Emotion

PhD-dissertation project as a part of the philosophical subproject in the research program ›Foundations of Human Social Behavior: Altruism and Egoism‹, University of Zürich, Director of the program: Prof. I.U. Dalferth, 2005-2008          

Philosophical Problems of Natural Altruism