The chair regularly offers the following courses:


1. Prolegomena to Protestant Dogmatics

The lecture introduces into questions, working methods and problems of protestant dogmatics in modern times. Looking at the history of Christian doctrine since the Reformation, it defines the character of Protestant dogmatics as a scientific discipline of theology and clarifies its relation to ethics and religious philosophy. Further topics are the religious-historical and historical-critical consciousness of modern protestant dogmatics and its relation to the paradigm of secularization of Christianity in the modern age. As an exemplary case the changing meaning of the doctrine of Scripture since the Reformation is treated in detail.

2. Main Topics of Protestant Dogmatics

The lecture gives an overview of different understandings of the truth claims of Christian doctrine through the centuries and motivates the approach of a systematic deliberation of the Christian faith. It unfolds the development of modern dogmatics and clarifies the function of scientific prolegomena for their self-understanding. It further discusses the classic subject canon of dogmatics in survey and finally presents current debates and questions on the development of evangelical dogmatics for discussion.

3. Churches and Confessional Cultures in the Context of Ecumenism

The lecture offers a systematic introduction to the theological and church political efforts for an ecumenical Christianity. It clarifies the concepts of 'church' and 'religious culture' in theological and cultural studies and develops a theory of the plurality of Christianity. On this basis various hermeneutic models and normative conceptions of dealing with the unity and plurality of Christianity are presented and discussed on their potential for social and ecclesial practice.

 4. Ecumenism and Public Responsibility

The special lecture focuses on the public and sociopolitical dimension of ecumenical concepts of dialogue and understanding, peace and reconciliation and critically examines their relevance. The special lecture is offered in every winter term.

Introductory Courses

- Harnack: Das Wesen des Christentums

- Troeltsch: Absolutheit des Christentums

- Luthers Freiheitsschrift

- Dalferth: Evangelische Theologie als Interpretationspraxis

- Korsch: Einführung in die Evangelische Dogmatik

- Melanchthon: Loci communes

- Luthers Großer Katechismus

- Schleiermacher: Reden über die Religion

Advanced Courses

- Schleiermachers Glaubenslehre

- Calvin: Institutio christianae religionis

- Schöpfungstheologie

- Evangelische Ekklesiologien: Pannenberg und Tillich

- Kants Religionsschrift

- Dekonstruktion der Religion

- Kierkegaards Taten der Liebe

- Ökumenische Theologie